UV Division

  • Point light source type UV LED light curing equipm
  • Surface light source type UV-LED curing device

    Surface light source type UV-LED curing …

            Surface light source type UV-LED light curing device is our top science and technology through the integration of Japan, which lasted three years, developed a fifth-generation UV-LED light curing device, has been Europe and the United States, Japan and internationally renowned companies as well as domestic related industries widely used .......

Optical Division

  • Precision lens eccentric instrument

    Precision lens eccentric instrument

         High precision lens eccentric instrument (also called Ding Zhongyi) is a kind of high precision non-contact lens center deviation measuring instrument, suitable for single lens and lens eccentricity error feed / outgoing inspection, and the lens optical center in gluing / assembly process of positioning and calibration.....
  • High precision lens measurement instrument

    High precision lens measurement instrume…

            The FW-MT series is a high precision (the lens or lens group) and comprehensive index spherical measuring instrument, it takes the non-contact measurement methods without damage to the lens (or radius of curvature of the lens group), the accurate measurement of the focal length and eccentricity......

Detection Of Light

Laser Division

  • Laser collimator

    Laser collimator

        This equipment uses visible light semiconductor laser, the light receiving unit uses a 380,000-pixel CCD camera ultra-compact angular displacement test device .....
  • Industrial laser light pieces

    Industrial laser light pieces

          Our company has been committed to non-communication optical fiber (particularly industrial fiber) research and manufacturing, optical fiber used in the production of raw materials are imported from Japan; UV curing optical fibers mainly used in UV-curable resin or adhesive fast curing, the transmission of light body mainly through the performance of HCS UV quartz fiber ......


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