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Precision lens eccentric instrument
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  • Product Name:Precision lens eccentric instrument
  • Product Model:FW-LensVT/FW-LensVTR
  • Product Category:Optical Division

    High precision lens eccentric instrument (also called centering instrument) is a kind of high precision non-contact lens center deviation measuring instrument, suitable for single lens and lens eccentricity error feed / outgoing inspection, and the lens optical center in gluing / assembly process of positioning and alignment. Transmission type (FW-LensVT) and transflective (FW-LensVTR) vertical two measuring circular lens eccentric instrument, can realize the measurement precision of 0.2um.

Application Range:

1. single lens and a cemented lens eccentricity error quantitative measurement;
2. high eccentricity requirements cemented lens cemented production;
3. high-precision lens assembly debugging production;
4. coaxial lens group mechanical testing;
5. is particularly suitable for small diameter short focal length lens eccentricity measurement;

Product Features:
◆ Easy to use, high operating efficiency;
◆ Test software with powerful function, friendly interface;
Rapid measurement of high precision, and can be directly test value and judge;
Can realize the transmission or reflection measurement;
Can be extended to the focal length measurement function;
Brief introduction of the working principle and operation:
   According to the ISO 10110 standard, the lens (or group) which does not coincide with the eccentric axis reference axis, the optical axis and the reference axis position or direction deviation. Measurement of lens (or group) eccentric method is usually let the sample rotation, through the parallel light incident (transmission or reflection) samples in the focal plane (or the center of curvature) on a cross like beating to judge the eccentric size. Figure is the light path transmission mode (when a parallel light tube in the broken line, reflective eccentric optical path). The high precision industrial acquisition CCD camera image, accurate calculation of cross like beating size using the test software, and calculate the size of the test piece eccentric.

Product parameter:
Specification typeFW-LensVT (transmission eccentric instrument)
FW-LensVTR (transmission / reflection type eccentric instrument)
Measurement precision0.2um/3"
Measuring the focal length range (mm)±3-±450 (Note: the longer the focal length measurement can be customized)
Can change magnification and focal length5 times (f =60mm)
3times(f’=100mm)  2times(f’=200mm)  1times(f’=300mm)
System under the coarse motion stroke (mm)300
The maximum stroke system micro (mm)13
Collimator lens focal length (mm)300
CCD sensorCCD industrial camera
CCD camera external interfaceUSB2.0
Bearing diameter (mm)Ф3-Ф30
Cold light sourceAC220V/150W
Dimensions (mm)700*340*300
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