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Address:No. 2 Building 3 floor East,industrial zone plate a Street No. 22,Shatou street,Panyu District,Guangzhou
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【Enterprise Goal】
Creating excellent national brand to do a century Nengxing career

Humanistic concern value added passion to create technological breakthroughs

【Corporate Purpose】
Creating value for customers;

Create wealth for society;

For employees to create jobs.

Devotion to duty, value creation;

Time protection, value creation;

Work together to create value.

【Corporate  Style】
Loyalty     Pragmatic     Engagement    Initiative


【Business philosophy: make friends, tree century enterprise】
Make friends - we are talking about here "friends" refers to our customers, partners, industry associations, government and other types of associations, even if our peer companies, as long as care for and support the development of enterprises Nengxing on are our friends. Nengxing enterprises along the way with the "friend" love and help, the road will be wider and wider, enterprises will grow stronger.
Tree century enterprise - We are talking here of the "hundred years" is a long, stable meaning.

【Company employing the principle】
Ability And Integrity      Active Innovation       Letters Stand The World



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