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After-sales service

Service advantages

Timely + efficiency, better to solve after-sales problems

  • A strong after-sales team, 7*24 hours quick response, timely for you to solve all problems.

  • If there is a quality problem, our company will follow up in time, a good solution to the problem.

After-sales service commitment

1. Quality assurance: we strictly implement the iso9001-2015 quality management system. The products we provide are all the original packaging of the manufacturer.

2. About the product: before the shipment of all products, we will carry out the whole process, full performance test and aging test on the products, and only after the products are confirmed to be qualified will they be packed and shipped.

3. Delivery time: we will deliver the products to the place designated by the buyer in strict accordance with the contract, and report the shipment to the buyer on the day of shipment. In case of other special circumstances, negotiations will be made separately. If the project needs to be completed in advance, we can specially organize production and installation after negotiation, and strive to meet customers needs.

4. Service system: we provide a guarantee system for the products we provide; Within the warranty period, if there is any non-human fault, after receiving your repair report, if necessary, we will assign a professional technician to repair or send to you within the specified time. If necessary, we will provide replacement equipment. If the warranty period is exceeded, the company will provide lifelong technical service support, and the transportation and miscellaneous expenses arising therefrom shall be borne by the company.

5. Response mechanism: 24-hour quick response is provided on working days. In case of any quality problem within seven days from the date of receipt of the product, if it is confirmed to be non-human fault, we will repair or replace the product unconditionally.


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