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Industrial laser light pieces
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  • Product Name:Industrial laser light pieces
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  Our Company has been committed to non-communication optical fiber (particularly industrial fiber) research and manufacturing, optical fiber used in the production of raw materials are imported from Japan; UV curing optical fibers mainly used in UV-curable resin or adhesive fast curing, the main body of light transmission UV HCS through silica fibers with excellent performance. In addition to making the Division I single branch, multi-branch, a multiple-out, and more into one, multi-input, multiple output, etc. different branch structure, round, square, linear and other forms of light ends out , and according to customer requirements customize a variety of structures and forms of quartz optical fibers;

  Our Company is currently supporting major brands UV curing machine (device) are: HOYA USHIO HAMAMATSU OMRON NAIS EXFO DYMAX ELC, etc., fiber optic transmission and imported consistent, can substitute imported products, thus reducing production costs and improve production efficiency.

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