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Precision double tube goniometer
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  • Product Name:Precision double tube goniometer
  • Product Model:FAT-300/FAT-500
  • Product Category:Optical Division

    FAT-series twin-tube goniometer is a based on second-class photoelectric autocollimator, with contrasting approach angle measurement precision non-contact angle measuring instruments. Widely used in optical processing of the optical element in any optical two faces, parallel, side-down, beam separation, a prism angle of the integrated optical precision measurement. The following combination of three simple example to explain the actual measurement:

1. Dihedral angle measuring optical prism:
Standard sheet placed on the sample stage, adjust the sample units, so that ACM two samples were collected from the reflective surface 1 and 2, a reflection image; Then, we initialize the reference.
Adjusted the same way as the sample to obtain two reflection. Professional measurement software will compare the reflected image and the reference image, and automatically calculate the dihedral angle measured size.


2. Measured down, parallel, beam separation angle measurement:
ACM-1 and ACM-2 can be used independently photoelectric autocollimator for accurate measurement of these indicators. Calibrated using a standard benchmark block, put the sample (pay attention to selecting the correct plane and the incident surface); angle reading on the display is the measured value 。

3. Beam splitter prism 90° angle or a combination of angle measurement:
The two mutually perpendicular axis rotated to adjust. Calibration and measurement, ACM-1 to detect the light output of the light, reflected by the incident surface of the sample, ACM-1 to collect the reflected image, after transmission through the sample 90°, the ACM-2 receives the transmitted image. Adjusting the position of the sample, can guarantee ACM-1 to detect the output light incident surface of the sample vertically incident。

For example: rectangular prism, pentagonal prism and other requirements incident surface sample at normal incidence. Similarly, the standard basis for comparison initialization block measuring prism angle of 90°。




1 prism arbitrary dihedral;
2 rectangular prism, prism (PBS), etc. 90° beam deflection angle;
3 integrated pentagonal prism 90° angle;
4 side down, parallel, beam separation, etc.; 

Specifications and parts:
Instrument main components
Light source: LED or cold light source
Precision optical collimator (with CCD)
Multidimensional Precision adjustment stage
Precision rotary tables and measurement software, etc.
Note: The actual dimensions are subject to change without prior notice。
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