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HPOL eccentricity measuring instrument
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  • Product Name:HPOL eccentricity measuring instrument
  • Product Model:FW-LensAF
  • Product Category:Optical Division

      Precision optical lens  eccentricity measuring instrument (DAF turntable type) FW-LensAF optical lens group is designed for center offset measuring instruments, with a high-precision air bearing turntable (air bearing) led Lens smooth rotation in order to achieve non--contact precision measurement.

Main applications:
◆ single lens and a cemented lens eccentricity error quantitative measurement;
◆ lens holder with mechanical precision assembly and measurement;
◆ High-precision lens assembly debugging production;
◆ mechanical coaxial detector lens group

Product Features:
◆ automatic measurement, easy to use, high efficiency;
◆ high accuracy, powerful, wide measurement range;
◆ Device strong security, reliability, high durability;
◆ user-friendly, fully functional test software, the measurement visualize, and can be obtained directly test value;


main technical indicators: main pieces of equipment:

CCD External Interface

USB2.0Photoelectric autocollimator (with CCD)


0.1μm (or 1 ")Collimator

Rotary precision

0.1um (flotation turntable)Precision translation stage machine electric control box

Measurement Accuracy

0.5umAchromatic lens group

Bearing diameter

Φ3 ~ Φ200mmPrecision air bearing turntable;

Measuring range (mm)

 Cold light source and fiber optic tube

Random lens group

F60 \ F100 \ F200 \ F300 \ X5Test bed base;

Length x width x height


Net weight

50KgComputers (and measurement software), etc.
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