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High precision long lens eccentricity measuring
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  • Product Name:High precision long lens eccentricity measuring
  • Product Model:FW-LensLR
  • Product Category:Optical Division

      FW-LensLR is designed to test a longer center of the lens center thickness deviation of the instrument, the use of high-precision autocollimator (with CCD) image reading lens reflex center of the sphere to achieve measurement results, especially for C-lens (optical collimating lens) eccentricity measurement, the endoscope lens group gluing small eccentricity control. Using its collimated light reflection imaging principle, the device can also be used to stick the mirror and end vertical precision measurement. Another random configuration of the professional measurement software to keep high accuracy at the same time, the operation more convenient, real-time measurement data display and brake saved.

Application range:

◆ C-lens center offset measurement;
◆ endoscope cemented lens group eccentricity process control and measurement;
◆ cylindrical rod lens end vertical measurement;

Professional random measurement software:


1. Equipment calibration:
Adjust equipment with V-groove putter straight vertical is the most basic conditions to ensure measurement accuracy. As shown, by adjusting the "angle adjustment screw," visual adjustment rod with a V-groove substantially perpendicular to the post. Put end polished cylinder rods, push rod, so that the V-groove cylindrical rod rotation, according to the face, as in self-reflection on the imaging collimator changing circumstances (photoelectric autocollimator forward or backward), tuning screw until the image quality intact. At this point, and the V-groove putter has vertical. 



2. Cylindrical rod end vertical measurement:

Cylindrical rod to be measured to clean up after putting V-groove, as the left,

By the photoelectric autocollimator light emitted parallel to rod ends flat after reflection, the image on the CCD into the collimator. Rotates about the central axis of the rod, if the rod is not perpendicular to the cylindrical end surface, the reflection image rotates around the "circle" spin, "circle" radius and vertical correlation. Calculated from the measured radius of the vertical side.

                                                                                                          3.C-Lens (or end is curved rod lens) eccentricity measurement:

The spherical end of the rod lens, is required for the optical measurement from the front of the collimator lens and the two-dimensional actuator.
Lens selection should be based on the size and accuracy requirements spherical radius to choose:
1, C-Lens radius of curvature is usually small (1 ~ 3mm), the general use X10 times the lens;
2, the rod lens for an endoscope, large radius of curvature, the lens using F60 and F100. General selection principle is to ensure a clear image embankment before the first choice under small focal length of the lens.

4.Endoscope small lens group bonding eccentric control:

First, good control of the long rod lens, in accordance with the 3 methods described good control of eccentric, and then on the other lens need glue to control, ensure each reflection eccentric are basically coincide, solidification. Can make the eccentric the endoscope lens group control in a hierarchical (or higher) accuracy. 

Specification Type: Technical IndexFW-LensLR main parts
CCD External InterfaceUSBCold light source (with a fiber optic tube): 220V/150W
Measurement Accuracy0.2μm (or 2 ")Photoelectric autocollimator (including CCD and adjusting frame)
Measurement modeHorizontal reflection measurementFader and rotary table (with adjustment frame)
Dimensions300X150X110mmLens group: F60/100/200/300
Net weight5KgTest software, etc.
Note: the actual specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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