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Double optical path measurement instrument
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  • Product Name:Double optical path measurement instrument
  • Product Model:FW-LensDL/FW-LensDR
  • Product Category:Optical Division
       Dual optical measuring instrument is central partial translation axis contains two high-precision lens eccentricity measurement system. Their function is divided into FW-LensDL and FW-LensDR models. FW-LensDL equipped with a two-dimensional motorized translation stage (with a grating), and its function is mainly used for non-coaxial Globe eccentric lens off-axis angle (or eccentricity) measurements. FW-LensDR is equipped with high-precision air bearing turntable, can be measured transmittance of a single lens or optics center side, you can also use double optical reflection method for optics assembly and commissioning, widely used in infrared optics lens assembly and commissioning.

Product Features:
◆ user-friendly, fully functional test software, the measurement visualize, and can be obtained directly test value;
◆ automated measurement, easy to use, simple operation, high efficiency measurement;
◆ high accuracy, powerful, wide measurement range;
◆ Device strong security, reliability, high durability;

Main applications:
◆ mirror off-axis eccentricity eccentricity measurement;
◆ High-precision lens assembly debugging production;
◆ The mechanical coaxial detector;
◆ infrared optical lens eccentric control;
◆ infrared optical lens assembly debugging;


Measurement Software:
  Measurement software designed to make specific measurements simple and intuitive, automatic operation, and can record measured values ​​and allows direct processing of measured data. Specific software interface as shown below, including the image display section, motor control, the measurement results show that parameter setting and operation processing section. 

Measuring principle and operation Introduction

    FW-LensDL (with two-dimensional electric platform) Measuring principle: (diagram shown below) and down two photoelectric autocollimator Globe were positioned off-axis eccentric non-coaxial upper and lower surfaces of the lens center of the sphere, like, two-dimensional electric translation stage (with a grating) accurately measure the eccentricity of the upper and lower surfaces.

FW-LensDR (with air-bearing turntable) measurement principle:
Flotation system to be tested is placed on the turntable, the lower shaft photoelectric detection system treats the first measurement system (starting from the bottom number) imaging lens sphere is supposed to regulate the turntable 2D linear regulator units, use the turntable rotation nowadays optical detection system of the first axis to the center of the spherical longer beating like this case, the optical axis of the first spherical surface coincides with the rotary shaft. Adjusted up and down on the optical axis position detection system, can be of different spherical lens into the center of the sphere, like, turn the turntable can be achieved in different eccentric spherical reflection measurements. Adjusted according to the measurement results of the lens assembly to position the optical system can achieve adjustment assembly line.

The main technical indicators

CCD External Interface



 0.1μm(or 1”)


 0.1um (flotation turntable) or
 1um (motorized translation stage grating)

Measurement Accuracy

 0.5um (LensCT-DR with flotation turntable)
 2um (LensCT-DL with a translation stage)

Bearing diameter



 60x50x170cm (L x W x H)

Net weight


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