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Precision eccentric cylindrical mirror analyzer
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  • Product Name:Precision eccentric cylindrical mirror analyzer
  • Product Model:FW-LensHTR
  • Product Category:Optical Division

    FW-LensHTR is a major center for testing cylindrical lens deviations related indicators of the instrument, but also applies to the rectangular spherical lens center deviation transflective measurements. Its high accuracy, easy to operate, can be used for cylindrical lens (or rectangular spherical lens) lens processing and testing, and use of feed suppliers detection.

Range of applications:
◆ cylindrical lens center position and center biased;
◆ cylindrical lens in the Y direction wedge angle;
◆ cylinder axis parallel to the reference plane;
◆ Square spherical mirror center offset;
◆ beam separation, etc.;

Main pieces of equipment:
◆ cold light source (with a fiber optic tube): 220V/150W
◆ photoelectric autocollimator (including CCD and adjusting frame)
◆ collimator (band adjustment frame)
◆ Lens Group: F60/100/200/300
◆ High-precision multi-dimensional adjustment stage
◆ Test software


CCD External InterfaceUSB
Measurement Accuracy1 μm
Measuring focal length range±3~±450mm
Net weight30Kg
Note: The actual specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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