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Economy - transmission partial right
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  • Product Name:Economy - transmission partial right
  • Product Model:FW-129B/TV
  • Product Category:Optical Division

Characteristics of the instrument:

1 This instrument uses an optical transmission system with Japan eccentric cytometry same principle, some devices can be interchanged; imaging system which is clear, reliable measurement data.
2 The instrument optical path selection CCD / TV shows to interpret the observed eccentric angle error, a large magnification, high accuracy measurement can be monitored eccentric angle error.
3-jaw self-locking disc using special fixtures.
4 is provided with a guide, the next move instruction ruler, convenient setting measurement image distance H;
5 Cross reticle, the next move using the disc device, mounted on a fixed platform bottom, easy to operate;
6 source using Green LED, illumination uniformity, no heat, long life, energy saving;
7 optical system unit with anti-UV filters, for gluing (bonding) process when irradiated with UV curing device, CCD will help improve the speed of response.

Application Range:

1 single lens eccentricity detection;
2 cemented lens eccentricity testing and production;
3 Detection of a cemented lens group;
3 coaxial lens group mechanical testing.

The original and the operation of the instrument:

  Transmissive eccentric tester The principle is observed cross reticle measured by the fixed lens group and the image formed by the lens in the lens to the base surface is cylindrical and positioning positioning basis, measured in a dedicated fixture rotating lens, the microscope objective magnification imaging the reticle in the readings, the CCD system and then zoom in on the TV screen, as determined using both optical and mechanical eccentric angle size.

1.Eccentric angle β is calculated as follows: When the measured lens rotation, vertical cross reticle like reading the reticle in the left and right (horizontal) movement, cross reticle cross-like in reading on the reticle lower (vertical) movement, with horizontal or vertical movement of the total number of cells is half of X corresponding to the offset of the eccentric angle β。
Read numerical reticle lattice value: with10 × inch of β =2060 / H (s)
with 5×   inch   β=4120÷H(s)
H is measured lens vertex to the microscope object lens distance image distance (mm)

Calculate the total number of cells:

Known: the H=30 with 10 × lenses drawings eccentric angle β =140 "
Ask: how much is the total measured lattice lens 1 turn number?
Solution: each lattice when the value of H=30: 2060, 30=68.7 "
The total number of 1 ring =140 / (2060 / 30) * 2=4.08 lattice or: total 1 ring number =140 "(1030 / 30), =4.08
Example if the selection of 5 × lenses:
The total number of 1 ring =140 / (4120 / 30) * 2=2.04 lattice or: total 1 ring number =140 "(2060 / 30), =2.04

No. Measured from the imaging lensH(mm)Reading reticle cell value (s)



Technical Specifications:

No.Technical Specification ContentParameters
1Microscope objective5×  10×
2TV system magnification20×~30×
3CCD1/3inch W / 600TV
4LCD monitor8inch/600TV
5Amount of movement of the mobile platform4mm
6Ball Rail travel distance120mm
7Outer diameter of the lens can be measured<¢ 180mm
8Working diameter disc self-locking jaw7 ~ ¢ 55mm
9Effective focal length measurement accuracy> 13 ~ 1000mm
10Reading reticle highest resolution accuracy (10 ×  objective / H = 120 time)17 "
11Light sourceGreen LED DC5V/20mA
12Power supplyAC220V ± 10% 50/60 HZ
13Dimensions (W × D × H)240 × 180 × 500mm
Note: The actual specifications are subject to change without prior notice

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