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UV machine conveyor
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  • Product Name:UV machine conveyor
  • Product Model:FXLite8250P
  • Product Category:UV Division

FXLite8250 Series Conveyor UV machine

Desktop efficient conveyor UV machine

Suitable for electronic, optoelectronic, biomedical, crafts various use

1 adjustable conveyor speed
2 height adjustable lamp
3 Safety shading design
4 light up less space
5 over-temperature alarm shutdown protection

Machine typeFXLite8250P /FXLite8250Q/ FXLite8250G /FXLite8250F
Voltage200-240VAC    50/60HZ
UV lamp power400W1000W
Illumination60-80mW/cm 2120-150mW/cm 2
Optical wavelength365nm365nm/254nm365nm365nm/254nm
The average life of the light tube1000 Hours1000 Hours20002000  Hours
Adjustable distance20-180mm
Conveying belt adjustable speed0.6M/min-5M/min
Maximum entrance width250mm
Machine SizeL:300-500mm     H:280mm
Conveyor height110mm
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