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UV oven (UV curing oven)
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  • Product Name:UV oven (UV curing oven)
  • Product Model:FXLite 600P
  • Product Category:UV Division

UV Over

 一、 FXLite600UV machine

Product introduction

    FXLite 600 gate UV drying oven is mainly used to cure UV glue, UV varnish, or UV inks. Machines are widely used in laboratory or production line. FXLite 600 gates UV oven is equipped with high-power UV lamp, allowing most of the UV resin within a few seconds, curing and drying. Another feature of this machine is electronically controlled shutter mechanism. To precisely control the irradiation time, the oven interior height adjustable for different products.

UV烤箱部件图示 Both performance and safety desktop UV oven
Suitable for electronic, optoelectronic, biomedical, crafts a variety of applications

Product features:
1. light source and the illuminated object distance adjustable
2. electric gate timing control
3. UV resistant observation window
4. temperature, UV illumination average
5. over-temperature alarm shutdown protection





Voltage200-240VAC 50/60HZ
UV lamp power400W1000W
UV illumination (MAX.)60-80mW/ cm2(UVA80mm H)

120-150mW/ cm2(UVA80mm H)

UV optical wavelength365nm365nm/254nm365nm365nm/254nm
The average life of the light tube1000 Hours1000 Hours2000 Hours2000 Hours
Machine sizeW*H*D=460*630*450mm
The maximum storage spaceW*H*D=400*400*400mm
Timer setting range0.1sec-999.9min
Weight25Kg40Kg(Containing external stabilizer)


ßProduct features
Electric gate design
FXLite 600 gate type UV oven with electric gate mechanism, does not need an external source. Special gate design, can isolate UV light and heat。

High efficiency UV lampà
FXLite 600 gate type UV oven equipped with high-performance UV lamp, can choose the main wavelength wave tube TG or main wavelength including the length of wave TF。

Products with adjustable heightà
The internal space F XLite 600 gate type UV oven, and through plate adjustment object height to 350mm



Accessories and supplies

二、FXLite500 drawer type UV machine
Simple drawer type UV machine
Suitable for laboratory use, small production


Product features:

1. digit timer setting
2. the timing reaches Beeper
3. standby power saving mode
4. completely shading design
5. light up less space




Machine typeFXLite500PFXLite500Q
Electric pressure200-240VAC 50/60HZ
UV lamp power400W
UV illumination (MAX.)60-80mW/ cm2(UVA80mm H)
UV optical wavelength365nm365nm/254nm
Appearance size


The maximum storage spaceW*H*D=250*70*230mm
The average life of the light tube1000Hours1000Hours
Timer setting range0.1sec-999.9min

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