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Handheld UV curing machine
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  • Product Name:Handheld UV curing machine
  • Product Model:FXLite400P
  • Product Category:UV Division

Hand-held UV

一、FXLite400 UV machine
      Convenient hand-held UV machine
     Suitable for electronic, optoelectronic, biomedical, various applications of handicraft

1. volume irradiated object is not limited
2. exposure time can be set, beep to remind
3. Movable light output
4. light up less space 

Product parameter:

product modelFXLite400PFXLite400Q
Electric pressure200VAC/50、60HZ
UV lamp power400W
UV illumination80mW/ cm2 (range UVA80mm measurement)
UV optical wavelength365nm365nm/254nm
The average life of the light tube1000hr
Timer setting range0.1sec-999.9min
Warm-up time5min
The appearance of the product sizeShade: 163*154*108mm ballast: 174*230*140
Weight8Kg (a part of 1.2Kg)



二、FR-90 hand-held UV machine
Economic type low temperature hand-held UV machine suitable for crafts or experimental applications
1. means that the light source can be connected
2. low light temperature
3. Movable light output
4. light do not take place

Product parameter:

Electric pressure100-240VAC 50/60HZ90
UV lamp power13W
UV illumination20mW/cm2 (UVA) (range 10mm measurement)
UV optical wavelength365nm
The average life of the light tube500hr
The appearance of the product sizeW*H*D:185*70*90mm
Weight875g (handheld 450g weight)
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