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The Role Of UV Protective Glasses
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     UV protective eye glasses mainly from ultraviolet, infrared and microwave electromagnetic radiation, dust, soot, metals and gravel debris, and chemical solutions sputtering damage.
     Protective glasses commonly made ​​of flexible plastic and rubber, box large enough to cover the users eyes.

     Against solid pieces of the genus protective glasses, primarily for defense metal or gravel and other debris mechanical damage to the eyes. Spectacle lenses and eyeglass frames should be rugged, anti-strike. Frame cover fitted around the edge, which should be on the air vents. Protective lenses can be used tempered glass, resin bonded glass or copper mesh goggles.

     Anti-chemical solution protective glasses, primarily for defense irritation or corrosive solutions chemical damage to the eyes. Can use an ordinary plain lenses, frames should be covered to prevent splashing into the solution.

     Radiation protection glasses, too strong for defensive ultraviolet radiation on the eye hazards. Lenses using radiation can be reflected or absorbed, but it can visible through a special glass. Lenses coated with shiny chrome, nickel, mercury or silver trumpets metal film, can be reflected radiation; blue lenses absorb infrared, yellow lenses while absorbing ultraviolet and infrared, colorless leaded lenses absorb X-rays and γ-rays.

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