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Ultraviolet (UV) curing technology
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What is the UV curing?

A, concept

With an ultraviolet (UV) radiation to the liquid "UV radiation hardenable material" and hardening process it, which we call "UV Curing Process". Industrial use UV 200nm to 400nm wavelength to its scope of application.

UV curing (UV Curing or UV Coating) is a photochemical reaction.

UV curing and drying process similar to the conventional, but the principle is different, generally by means of conventional drying the coating material in the volatile solvent to form a hardened, and no UV curable crosslinking solvent evaporation.

UV radiation curing is a class.

Radiation curing is effected using electromagnetic radiation (such as ultraviolet irradiation of UV or electron beam EB coating), resulting in radiation-polymerizable, radiation crosslinking reaction. Low molecular weight substances quickly into high molecular weight product of the chemical process, the system does not contain a solvent or a solvent containing a very small amount, almost 100% of the irradiated film curing, thus VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions low. Therefore, since the since the late 1960s, this technology has been rapid development in the international arena, and its products have been widely used in many industries.

B, UV light curing

Mercury: UV curing machine today with mercury lamp light source was used for the mainstream for a long time. The principle is to excite mercury inside the lamp voltage mercury into mercury gas emit ultraviolet, visible and infrared. Because mercury light fades fast, short life, high power consumption, the use of high cost, temperature rise, bulky, mercury and other defects, the industry has been working to improve, but the original has been difficult to break through the limitations of the hardware.

What is a UV-LED?

UV-LED (UV Light Emitting Diode) ultraviolet light-emitting diode, is a way to directly convert electrical energy into ultraviolet solid-state semiconductor devices. UV-LED light source operating temperature is usually below 100 ℃, with a long life, high reliability, high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, no heat radiation, environmental protection and other features, in recent years in UV curing has been gradually Application.

UV-LED features:

A long life

(2) energy saving effect is remarkable

3 non-thermal radiation

4 compact

5 main peak narrow, single energy concentration

6.UV-LED low temperature

7 Instantly Idemitsu

8 Green



The Advantages of UV-LED

UV-LED light source and the conventional UV light (using a high pressure mercury lamp as light source) Comparison

UV-LED light source

Traditional UV light source (mercury)

20000-40000 hours (continuous use)

Opening and closing times are not affected life, only when light curing

800-2000 hours (continuous use) due to start slowly, opening and closing affect their life, it must have been lit energy

Energy efficient standby power consumption is almost zero, the work consumes about 10% of mercury

 Mercury is toxic, environmental pollution, especially pollution also workshop environment, recycling is expensive, huge large power consumption, usually in the 300 to 20,000 watts of power

Only emit ultraviolet light, no infrared thermal radiation, temperature <5 ℃, room temperature curing no heat damage, especially for heat-sensitive materials, curing, such as liquid crystals, films, etc.

 Issuing both ultraviolet light, also made infrared light is cured surface temperature 60 ~ 90 ℃, due to thermal damage resulting workpiece bring high rejection rate

Each irradiation head strength consistent production capacity increased 5-30 fold

 Irradiation head more, the weaker, low productivity

 Narrow wavelength range, uniform illumination, 365 +10 nm ~ 365-10nm, can greatly increase productivity,

 Continuous spectrum, uneven illumination, range 200-500nm, peak 365nm

 Maintenance-free UV-LED light source, the use of cost only electricity. LED head and control cabinet connected by special cables, with multi-directional bending, difficult to damage characteristics, the maintenance cost is almost zero

The high cost of consumables, annual replacement of consumables and depreciation costs of USD 4706 (RMB 32000) (consumables, including: fiber optic illumination head, mercury (4-6 only), fan, electricity, etc.)

Instant light, instantly reach 100% UV output power, easy to implement different operating modes of automated production control

Five to fifteen minutes after boot to stabilize output, use

 Environmentally friendly, no mercury, does not produce ozone, does not produce high-frequency radiation, Co2 emissions of about one-tenth of mercury

 Mercury, ozone, resulting in high-frequency radiation, Co2 emissions from large

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