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UV ultraviolet lamps and the lens manufacturing process, the role of cemented
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一、UV ultraviolet

    Ultraviolet light is a wavelength range of 1360 × 10-10m ~ 3900 × 10-10m invisible light. According to the wavelength range can be divided into A, B, C and vacuum ultraviolet ray three-band: ① A wavelength 320nm ~ 400nm; ② B-band 275 ~ 320nm; ③ C-band 200nm ~ 275nm; ④ V --- vacuum ultraviolet wavelength 100 ~ 200nm. Various wavelength range of ultraviolet light of the role is different, now let us look at UV light curable lens glued. Work started in accordance with the UV lamp 100% instantaneous output power of the strongest irradiation. Furthermore, irradiation power but also with the lamp and the wall surrounding temperature changes, it is necessary to control the UV lamp and the wall surrounding temperature, so that the UV lamp to optimum effect. 

二、Cemented lens manufacturing process Role of UV rays

   To do with the lens in the lens manufacturing process gluing, UV ultraviolet light play a big role, but also easy to make the lens center deviation, in this process you are prompted, "UV LED UV" no warm-up instantly reach 100 % Power UV output (our "UVLED ultraviolet light" is used to make lenses glued "UV glue" in 0.5 seconds to 1.5 seconds curing). UV ultraviolet light without the use of cemented lens can not be produced. Next, its production process, the cemented lens in the role described in detail.

Tip: When pre-curing of the lens with "UVLED point source" after coming into the oven pre-solid thus greatly improve efficiency.


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