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UV-LED light curing device principle and characteristics
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UV-LED light curing device works
     Using high-power UV-LED chip as the light source, a variety of control modes by the controller controls the electrical signals into optical signals, i.e. power UV-LED chip generates a high energy UV purity 365 ± 5nm, ultraviolet light through a special an electrical light converging lens system, a line light source, the surface light source, the light shape of various sizes, so that the energy is irradiated with the UV glue highly concentrated ink, in accordance with the requirements of rapid curing process.

High radiation intensity


    Using high-power UV-LED chip and special condenser lens so that high-intensity ultraviolet light to achieve high precision radiation, ultraviolet irradiation intensity output reaches 9600mw/cm2. Using the latest optical technology and manufacturing processes, to achieve than the traditional way of the light intensity mercury lamp is 2 times the UV glue curing or UV inks faster, shortening the production time, greatly improve the production efficiency.
     Traditional mercury lamp curing equipment to increase its energy output fiber branches will increase as the number of branches of the light intensity decreases, while the LED mode is independent of irradiation head light, irradiation intensity increased from channel effects, has maintained maximum.

Maximum service life



   Compared with the traditional mercury curing equipment, its service life is only 1000-3000 hours mercury, and UV-LED curing device can reach 20000-30000 hours, LED can be lit at the instant when the necessary ultraviolet, press DUIY = 1/5 (irradiation time of preparation time = 5 = 1) when, LED way life is equivalent to 40 times the mercury lamp, replace the lamp to reduce time, improve production efficiency, but also very energy efficient; while traditional mercury lamp curing equipment at work, because mercury require preheating, open intersessional affect mercury lamp life, so the lamp must always be lit, not only shorten the life of mercury also cause unnecessary power consumption.

Non-thermal radiation 
    Using high-power UV-LED chip, the emitted light 365 ± 5NM pure UV, infrared, and other miscellaneous excluding wavelengths, the irradiated product surface temperature is below 5 ℃; the conventional mercury curing equipment, is the product surface temperature reached 40-80 ℃, the product is easy to make the displacement caused by poor product positioning, so LED curing methods most suitable for thermal substrate, then paste lens and electronic products, optical fiber and other high-precision bonding process needs . 


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