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Bangwo Technology Advantages
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   Bangwo Guangzhou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Bangwo Technology) is focused on industrial products (especially optoelectronic products) R & D, production, sales and service of integrated high-tech enterprises. In research and development, science and technology remain Bangwo the simultaneous development of science and technology with the world, focusing on the optimization and integration of technology, innovation and quality as the main line, always stand the forefront of industry technology, a number of products to open international product of its kind. Intelligent UV-LED light curing device is our top science and technology through the integration of Japan, which lasted three years, developed a fourth-generation UV-LED light curing device, has been Europe and the United States, Japan and internationally renowned companies as well as domestic related industries widely used.


Select FUWO UV-LED light curing unit strengths (FUWO UV-LED light curing device with other brands UV-LED light source comparison)

FUWO UV-LED light curing device

Other brands UV LED light source

9600 mw/ cm2  

1000-2200 mw/ cm2

Long life: 20,000 ~ 40,000 hours

Longest life: 10,000 hours

Optical power compensation with automatic adjustment function

No optical power compensation

Each illumination head can be memorized total cumulative exposure time (in a different controller can query)

Only the memory of the controller in each channel (non-switchable channels or controllers)

A variety of output spot size adjustable

Fixed output spot size

Can be used continuously for a long time

Not long continuous use

An international leader in natural cooling heat dissipation technology, LED chip self-cooling, do not need any external cooling device

Required by the external cooling device, such as wind cooling, water cooling or cooling a semiconductor device

Built-in temperature sensing and control chips (any feedback irradiation head temperature conditions)

No temperature detection and monitoring capabilities

Illumination is very uniform, high capacity

Uneven illumination, defective rate, low productivity

Sino-Japanese joint development of scientific research, the latest cutting-edge technology

Low voltage (24V), the circuit is simple

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