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UV curing machine reflector knowledge
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   UV curing machine reflector

    UV curing reflector types are focused, non-focus type and multi-faceted reflective. Focus type is generally used. The reflector structure is characterized by UV light rays reflected energy concentration, high efficiency of light-curing, the ink layer thickness is conducive to ink curing, can completely cure the deep ink. In this regard it should be noted that UV curing machine selection and shape of the reflector.

(1) UV curing machine reflector selection

    Must be made ​​of aluminum, not in order to save costs and use of iron or steel, because stainless steel at high temperatures will turn black, black reflective rear not only will not play the role, but also absorb light. Undoubtedly the best mirror reflective effect aluminum plate, the reflectivity of up to 80%, thus greatly improving the utilization of ultraviolet light.

(2) UV curing machine reflector shape

   The shape of the reflector is to ensure that the UV light can come together, so the selection of the best semi-circular shape. Also note that the erection of the UV lamp position to ensure that it is in focus. In addition, the UV lamp heat reflector is an important channel, so the outer cover should be processed into aluminum radiator, increasing the cooling area.

   The reflector in the UV curing device plays a very important role. Some manufacturers tend to ignore its role, while the use of some alternatives to act as a reflector, even without installing reflector, so that the UV lamp 40% -50% of the UV energy is wasted. The way to deal with some manufacturers to enhance the UV lamp is blindly the power to do so not only can not fundamentally solve the problem, it will result in greater energy waste.

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