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Lens module optical detection-MTF detector
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  • Product Name:Lens module optical detection-MTF detector
  • Product Model:FW-800B
  • Product Category:Optical Division

Product introduction: 

     MTF is the most authoritative evaluation mode optical lens industry, the equipment in strict accordance with the MTF (Modulation Transfer Function) test and evaluation standard, using high-speed digital image processing technology in the testing principle of ISO12233 and combined with our more than ten patents and years of industry experience in the lens, launched the third generation optical MTF tester。
    This equipment is the rapid and accurate detection of lens optical quality of Modular Transfer Function (MTF) equipment, suitable for optical HD lens R & D data analysis and HD lens production test. Compared with the traditional projector or other detection device, the MTF tester in the testing principle of ISO12233 using high-speed digital image processing provides fast, accurate, reliable optical resolution of MTF (SFR). It also provides a distortion, color reduction, dark corner and a number of utility function; have the detection analysis speed, high resolution, relative data objective, accurate and stable quality, no darkroom environment, covers an area of small, simple operation and other advantages of personnel。

This device is simple to use, when used without special training, efficiency is much higher than the projection camera (FW-800B 100PCS about 2-3 minutes) can not only improve the production efficiency, but also can reduce the probability of customer complaints.


Function introduction:


MTF: R、G、B、W Channel  All Frequency

DOF: Deep of Focus

FBL:Flange Back Focal Length

TV- Distortion: Distortion deformation

SHADING: Relative brightness ratio Perimeter Center

E.F.L: Effective Focal Length

ALL-Frequency: MTF frequency distribution curve(SFR)


Sensor Specification:

Sensor Active Pixels: 2592*1944
Pixel Size: 2.2μm*2.2μm
Top Of Glass To Image Plane: 0.95±0.18mm


Software introduction:
1.The main interface (theoretical lens pictures and Function Keys)


2.Data Display Interface 


3.MTF function display interface 

Software basic functions:

1 automatic capture detection field position, so allowing the lens can have some bias.
2 position detection target MTF function of the field of view (graph) that can be accurately read by the scale value.
3 levels of detection entire physiognomy and vertical distortion, and surrounding | center relative brightness.
4 can be switched to a small physiognomy detection mode (eg: 1/3 1/4 ......)
5 Save the lens production statistics test data (EXCEL)
6.32 preserve the original color image.
7 Lens real scene shooting.
8 screen viewing angle rotation, zoom, pan.
Software In addition Description:

1> You can customize Specification: Users can define their own each detection zone three spatial frequencies and their specifications.

2> The entire detection screen can simultaneously detect seven areas: (upper left, upper right, left, and right in the center, bottom left, bottom right).

3> Users can via software correction measurement error: in the use of process due to ambient light differences in, will lead to multiple machines the differences between, therefore, the user can through the software to adjust correction MTF curve accuracy.



system parameters:

MTF measurement time

1.3M at 0.5-2 seconds; 5M 2-4 seconds when
(Not including manual handling time)

AF MTF measuring time

2-4 seconds

(Not including manual handling time)

Test Chart maximum size

550mm × 400mm

Maximum image size

5.8mm * 4.3 mm (2592 * 1944)

Lens focal length detection range

Standard rack focal length 2.5mm-80mm
(Theory: the focal length> 2.5mm lens All)

Measurement range

2% -98%

MTF repeatability error

≤ 80Lp/mm is + / -2%;> 80Lp/mm at + / -1%

TV Distortion repeatability error

± 0.10%

High frequency measurements

≤ 210 Lp / mm

Motor Accuracy

Minimum step = 0.002mm, the location precision level = 0.004 mm

Can be measured back focal range

1.0 ± 0.05mm <FBL <40mm

Distortion accuracy

+ / -0.2%

MTF stability

Single-frequency MTF: + / -1%; entire frequency MTF: + / -0.1%

Repeat Stability

Single frequency MTF: + / -2%; full frequency MTF: + / -0.2%

Lens Mount

No standard thread C / CS mouth fixture
(25.4mm or 11.8mm) (can be made)

Maximum aperture lens bearing


Power supply

AC 220V, 50/60 Hz, 20W DC 5V-800mW

Software Platform

Windows XP/2000

Light environment

No glare

Work Environment

Humidity 20% -90%; temperature <45 ° C
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