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Inverse projector
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  • Product Name:Inverse projector
  • Product Model:FJG-2B
  • Product Category:Optical Division

 FJG-2B optical projector series against Division I developed a special equipment for testing a variety of lenses, with a test high efficiency, wide application, projection pattern reasonably intuitive operation, simple structure, reliable, cost-effective, small, portable and convenient. The device is the core component of the worlds most advanced identification rate board, its graphic design is reasonable, sharp lines, and highly practical. Owns the device allows you to easily and quickly evaluate various television camera lens image quality. It is preferable that the lens testing equipment manufacturers.</ P>

technical parameters

1, the maximum dimensions: length 345 mm, width 180 mm, height 215 mm;
2, weight: 6 kg;
3, the inspection target surface size: 2 "/ 3,1" / 2,1 "/ 3,1" / 4, and other smaller target surface;
4, the highest resolution: center 200 lp / mm, the edge 200 line pairs / mm;
5, Interface Type: CS and C interfaces, M12, diameter 12 interfaces
6, rated voltage: ~ 220V/50Hz;
7, the maximum power consumption: 250 watts.</ P>


1, boot

(1) power:
(2) Turn on the instrument power switch;
(3) will be seized CS mount lens mounted directly on the interface of the instrument CS (C-mount lenses to be fitted and then installed in the instrument loop transition of the CS interface);
(4) Adjust the lens pitch mechanism can be reflected on the projection screen projection image quality of the lens pattern, can judge the quality of the imaging lens. For non-adjustable from the lens, as long as the interface thread can be tightened judge image quality.

2, Off 
(1) Turn off the instrument power switch;
(2) Unplug the power cord;
(3) the CS interface cover protective cover.

1, the field of view to determine

2, differential rates of plate
Specifications are commonly used identification rate board has five rectangle, in which the number of the second from the inside out, three, four, five rectangle format corresponding to the target surface of the camera are 1 "/ 4,1" / 3,1 "/ 2,2" / 3.

3, identification rate judgment 
Identification rate board several blocks determine the rate of lens to identify patterns, pattern blocks each containing nine pictorial, each pattern identification rate in the vicinity numerals. Different formats for the application target surface of the lens, as long as it determines the range corresponding to identification rate.

4, focal length rough measurement
When the user hands of an unknown focal length lens, the following methods are available to measure the approximate focal length of the lens: the measured lens mounted on the projector, measured to the front of the lens optical surface of the projection screen surface The distance between the L. Projector power on the projection screen measuring fifth lap ring diameter D.

The above data into the following formula:
                                                                         F = L / (1 + D / 6)

can roughly calculate the lens focal length f. Because the above formula object distance L is approximate, so the calculated focal length f for approximate reference only. Users want to know the exact focal length of the lens, you should use other methods of measurement precision.

</ P>

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