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  • Product Name:Industrial Fiber
  • Product Model:FW-NA4B10F120UVR-HT5
  • Product Category:UV Division

    Our company has been committed to non-communication optical fiber (particularly industrial fiber) research and manufacturing, optical fiber used in the production of raw materials are imported from Japan; UV curing optical fibers mainly used in UV-curable resin or adhesive fast curing, the transmission of light body mainly through the performance of HCS UV quartz fiber. In addition to making the Division I single-branch, multi-branch, a multiple-out, and more into one, multi-input, multiple output, such as different branching structure, round, square, linear and other forms of light ends and out, and according to the customers requirements, customize a variety of structures and forms of quartz optical fibers;

  Our company is currently supporting major brands UV curing machine (device) are: HOYA USHIO HAMAMATSU OMRON NAIS EXFO DYMAX ELC, etc., imported optical transmittance and consistent, can substitute imported products, thus reducing production costs and improve production efficiency

1.Silica glass fiber (Quartz glass fiber) Introduction
Silica fiber is a silica-based optical fiber core glass, quartz fiber structure shown in Figure 1, divided quartz silica fiber cladding (HCS) of the quartz fiber and plastic cladding (PCS) of the quartz fiber, HCS silica fiber core and cladding materials are quartz glass, is such that the core layer by doping the silica glass cladding refractive index higher than quartz glass, quartz and PCS fiber core is made of quartz glass, cladding the low refractive index material is an organic optical materials, such as silicone rubber, fluorine plastic and fluorine-containing acrylic resin, depending on the use, the environment and field of use, the fiber must be a corresponding increase in the external protective coating material such as acrylic resin , nylon, polyimide. Quartz fiber for transmission of light very wide spectral range, from the ultraviolet to the near infrared region can have, usually 190nm ~ 2600nm。

The advantage:
1) a wide range of mass spectra, and is present in addition to PCF, the human race can do minimal light loss optical fiber, therefore, not only in the field of communication silica fiber has a wide range of practical, but also in sensing, energy transfer , nonlinear effects, optical signal processing and other non-communication field also has a wide range of uses.
2) quartz fiber for transmission of light spectral range mainly by quartz core material decisions quartz material by hydroxyl (-OH) content can be broadly divided into low hydroxyl and high hydroxyl quartz fiber, high hydroxyl quartz fiber transmission spectra shown in Figure 2, the most effective light transmission range is 300nm ~ 1100nm. Low hydroxyl bare silica fibers pass spectra shown in Figure 3, which is the most effective range of transmission of light 400nm ~ 2100nm.


       High hydroxyl VIS spectra of silica fibers pass Figure2    

 Low hydroxyl quartz optical fiber transmission spectra shown in Figure bare3

2.Liquid Fiber (Liquid fiber) Introduction
    Liquid core optical fiber is a new configuration of the optical transmission element, the liquid material as a core material, a polymer material as the skin tube, with a large core diameter, large numerical aperture, spectral transmission range, the efficiency of light transmission characteristics, especially in the ultraviolet light than ordinary quartz transmission light beam has a superior transmission efficiency, especially for UV curing, fluorescence detection, forensic evidence, scientific research and so on. According to the different core material, liquid core optical fiber can be divided into 300 and 380 series, 300 series, the effective transmission range of light 300 nm ~ 600nm, 380 series, the effective transmission range of light 300 nm ~ 800nm.

Performance liquid-core optical fiber technology:

Optical diameter ( d0)(mm) φ3 φ5 φ8 φ10
The minimum bending radius (mm) 4060 100 150
Specificationsφ3/1-1  φ3/1-2  φ3/1-3 φ5/1-1φ5/1-2φ8/1-1φ10/1-1
Numerical aperture (NA)≥0.5 2α≥60°
Transmittance %≥80%(λ=365nm,L=1000mm)
The use of temperature-10℃~40℃
The end surface temperature<250℃
Length customized according to customer requirements


Liquid core fiber optical standard metal joint dimensions, special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements:

359 62025
5710 92025
8 12 18 14 2040
10 14 20 16 2040


Liquid core optical fiber:

Quartz fiber catheter products.:

HOYA Quartz optical fiberSpecial products - infrared optical fiber
EXFO、DYMAX、ELC Quartz optical fiberNAIS、UHSIO Quartz optical fiber
 HAMAMATSU Quartz optical fiber


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