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Four channel point light source UV-LED light curin
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  • Product Name:Four channel point light source UV-LED light curin
  • Product Model:BUV-6B
  • Product Category:UV Division

      FUV-6BK/BUV-6B is Bangwo Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. of Japan jointly developed by renowned leading international standard UV-LED light curing device; the curing device is a Division I recruit Japanese associate consultants, using the latest technology in Japan and developed a third and fourth generation UV curing device; this device uses high-energy ultraviolet 365nm LED chips for various programs by the controller mode control, the electrical signal is converted into light energy, i.e., high energy ultraviolet LED chip to produce high-purity the 365nm UV light, ultraviolet light through the optical lens assembly of multiple sets of special highly concentrated energy to make it uniform irradiation of UV glue, UV ink object, the UV glue, UV curing ink according to process requirements quickly and significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of curing .


Product characteristics:

1, a number of Sino-Japanese Joint R & D technology to provide protection.

2, a unique optical design, the light irradiation to get a better uniformity.

3, a variety of application modes programmable control system to meet the needs of a variety of processes leading mythical creature.

4, with automatic optical power compensation system, so that production efficiency is further improved.

5, high irradiation intensity: 9600mw/cm2 output power, the strength of the traditional light bulb more than 2 times; Long life: 40,000 hours, while traditional bulbs only 800-2000 hours; ultra-small size: Controller 98X138X160mm (WXHXL); irradiation head: φ12X108mm (L) as a production line modules.

6, with self-test function, if there is non-normal operation or irradiation head open circuit, short circuit, temperature gauge, etc., the system will alarm.

7, fanless design, a leading international natural cooling technology, the irradiation head temperature rapid cooling to protect the long life of the LED chip and also to meet the needs of high cleanliness applications; while there will be no overheating irradiation head .

8, the curing device can control the illumination channel, also can be controlled individually to meet four stations simultaneously, saving production costs.

9, the curing device for external I / O interface, RS-232 communication interface, can be controlled by a foot switch work, but also with PLC and various controllers (robots) to achieve communication.

10, without preheating can instantly light irradiation can be achieved by setting the irradiation power (1-100%) output.

11, no heat radiation, exposure to the object temperature <5 ° C; while the traditional light bulb curing temperature on exposure to the object reaches 50-80 ° C, easy to make the bonding part offset, resulting in product failure.

12, irradiation head using a dedicated cable, resistant to bending life expectancy of more than ten million times, to meet different requirements environments.




BUV series, FUV series
The number of irradiation head linkBUV Series: 1-4 independent irradiation head FUV Series: 1-8 independent irradiation head
Irradiation patternManual modeIrradiation (irradiation time cycle, dont stop), irradiation power (0% to 100%)
Automatic modeExposure time: 0 seconds to 9999.9 seconds (time interval 0.1 seconds to complete.) according to the set time. Range: 0% to 100% radiation intensity
The manual control modeSets the maximum 6 procedures, 8 steps, each step of the power and time can be set free, according to a set number of steps and trigger
Brake control modeSets the maximum 6 procedures, 8 steps, each step of the power and time can be set free, trigger only once can complete all irradiation program
External controlMethodsThe RS232 port and the I/O port (for communication with PCC, robot)
External inputIrradiation start / stop, emergency stop, interlocking, alone / all start / stop switch, product variety, pedal switch can control the irradiation start / end

External output

UV light irradiation output, alarm, READY signal, BUSY signal, the output signal of the +5V
Display contentThe LCD display, display the number of channels, power, irradiation time, temperature monitoring, the cumulative exposure time, fault state number, radiation pattern
Alarm display content

LED irradiation head too high temperature protection and monitoring, abnormal operation (if not power, plug irradiation head), leakage alarm, open / short circuit alarm etc.

Cooling modeNo fan of natural cooling
Voltage rangeThe AC adapter: INPUT:100V-240V 50/60HZ OUTPUT:7.5V 4A
Power consumption30W
The use of temperature / temperature range0 ℃ to 35 ℃ (below 85% without cream)
Temperature / temperature range010 ℃ to 60 ℃ (below 85% without cream)
Controller sizeWxHxL(96X136X160)


About 1000G


Irradiation technology parameters:

Irradiation head (standard / ultra high intensity Series)F6B/HF6B series
Spot diameter (mm)φ2、φ4、 φ6、φ8、φ10、φ16
Recommended irradiation distance (mm)15
The maximum radiation intensity (peak) (note) (mw/cm2)9600/12000、5600/8000、 2800/3500、1600/2800、980/1600、160/560
The wave length of a class365±5nm/385±5nm/395±5nm/405±5nm

Light source estimating life
(initially set to 70%, 25 ° C ambient temperature)

20000-40000 Hours
The output light intensity range0-100%
The memory functionBuilt-in total exposure time chip
(Note: read the irradiation head irradiation at different controller or different channels can be time)
The light power feedback functionWith automatic optical power compensation adjustment function
Cooling modeNatural cooling (natural cooling technology leading international)
Monitoring functionBuilt-in temperature detection and monitoring chip (any feedback irradiation head temperature)
The light source typeThe LED level of 3B, accord with JISC6802 standard
Ambient temperature / temperature range0 ° C to 35 ° C (85% below.)
Temperature / temperature range-10 ° C to 60 ° C (85% below.)
Suggest fixture installation positionExposure head and tail (no heat ring)

Note: 1, fixed in the standard installation accessories, ambient temperature of 25 °, 100% output.

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