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UV Light Meter
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  • Product Name:UV Light Meter
  • Product Model:UV Mouse
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UV energy meter (also known as UV radiometer) is counting instrument for high quality UV energy. UV energy meter is used to measure the different wavelengths of light energy of UV.

Energy meter to measure the spectral range: 250-410nm, the best induction peak spectral output for 365nm.

The amount of light when the exposure cycle additional incoming, value accounting relative count.

Due to the radiation source distribution is not regular, and different manufacturers have different structural design. Result in the same measurement conditions, may be different.

UV MOUSE UV energy meter, which can simultaneously measure the UV illumination (W/cm2) total energy and the measurement period. Check the product conforms to the NIST (the National Institute of standard) specification. Measurement data UV MOUSE displayed on the LCD inspection, can easily read. Light weight, easy to carry and measurement. In addition, UV MOUSE can display individual tubes for multi lamp belt UV machine system in strength, and can be compared in order to understand the light attenuation and reference value. The instrument automatic reservations, check the measurement of the maximum, minimum measurement, wide measurement range, can basically meet the UV intensity and energy detection of various sectors of the requirements.


Measuring Range

UV Light intensity 0-20W/cm²
UV energy UVA 320nm-410nm

Measuring Band

UV energy 0-2000J/ cm² A cumulative measure up to 9999S


Optical power 1mw/ cm² Light energy:1mw/cm²

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