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High-pressure mercury lamp curing machine
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  • Product Name:High-pressure mercury lamp curing machine
  • Product Model:FXLite 320
  • Product Category:UV Division

一、FXlite 300 point source UV machine

    FXlite 300 point source UV machine, through the optical aggregation principle, UV light can gather at one point, through the light pipe output, the maximum UV illumination can reach 10W/cm2 above products are mainly used in UV glue fixation and drying purposes. FXlite 300 can be used with a variety of branch conduit, do light diversion purposes.

FXlite300 point source UV machine

UV curing process optimization tool suitable for electronic, optoelectronic, biomedical, crafts various applicable

1)Low light intensity adjustable light intensity

2)Movable light output

3)Lightweight and does not occupy space


Product Specifications


Model / SpecificationsFXlite 300
Voltage100-240 VAC 50/60/HZ
Lighting power100w
UV maximum illumination10w/c㎡(UV)
Dominant Wavelength365nm
Average Bulb Life2000 hr
Idemitsu wayManual or timer
Timing range0.1 sec-999.9 hr
Light intensity adjustment30%-100%
DimensionsWXHXD=180×240×230 mm
Weight5.25 kg
Bulb TypeSQ UV Lamp

Product Features
Suitable wavelength UV glue curing
FXlite 300 point source UV machine UV light produced, in addition to ultraviolet 365nm, the variable contains UV 254nm, UV adhesives for a variety of dry cured to achieve the best results.


Accessories and supplies



二、MUA-165 point source UV machine

Source: DC 165W SHP-165 type Japanese MEJIRO GENOSSEN (Mubai) UV Curing Machine
Dominant Wavelength selection: 365nm
Light intensity display: Manual 0-100, 0-255 remote control
Shutter calculations show that: 0.1 seconds -999.9 seconds
Exposure method: Manual, foot switch, remote control

Use of various types of optical fiber exit end of the irradiation intensity of ultraviolet≥3800mw/cm2

LCD content:

All working conditions (shutter switch, flux control board positions, working conditions, setting, etc.), the lamp usage time, the lamp replacement warning all other information displayed on the front of the LCD monitor。

D-Sub interface functions:

Device can not only be controlled via the front panel buttons, but also via 25-pin D-Sub interface software via an external signal to drive。

Universal power supply

Power for the range 80-240v. No special setting that corresponds to almost all the worlds countries. (According to different parts of the supply voltage, you need to replace the fuse) 


Product Specifications

Input PowerAC80-240V 50/60Hz
Fuse100V:AC125V 6A   220/240V:AC250V 3A
Lamp lifeApproximately 3000 hours (luminous flux is reduced to 60% of the initial value)
Use of the environmentTemperature :5-35 ℃ temperature: 70%
Using fiberQuartz fiber / liquid fiber
Overall dimensionW159Xd352Xh200(Rubber support, excluding protrusions)
WeightAbout 5.5kg

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