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Floor type UVLED tunnel furnace conveyor belt prod
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  • Product Name:Floor type UVLED tunnel furnace conveyor belt prod
  • Product Model:FH2018
  • Product Category:Automation Department
  • LED UV Light Source, Cold Light Source, Low Temperature Curing

Conveyor belt UV curing machine, light source using LED-UV light source, cold light source, low temperature curing, prevent the thermal deformation of the products, improve the bonding accuracy.

  • High illumination intensity and shorten curing time

With high output power, high UV output can be achieved in a wide range of irradiation, and curing time can be shortened.

  • Adjustable lamp source height

The height of the lamp source can be adjusted according to the demand to meet different production needs and facilitate the use of operators.

  • Lighting source life 20,000 hours

The life of the light source is up to 20,000 hours, which greatly reduces the working hours and operating costs of the replacement operation.

  • The output optical power is stable and continuously adjustable.

Temperature feedback control is used to realize the stable irradiation of UV intensity and to meet the requirement of high precision product bonding and curing.

Product name: floor conveyor belt UVLED tunnel furnace
Product model: FH2018
UV wavelength: 365&395&405 (nm) (mixed wavelength)
Exposure intensity (peak) : 480 (mW/cm2)
Working life of light source: ≥20,000 hours
Effective exposure area: length * width =200*200 (mm)
Driver mode: automatic mode & manual mode
Power regulation range: 1~100%
Conveyor belt adjustable speed: 0.2Min -- 3M/ Min
Ambient temperature/temperature range: 0 to 35 ℃
Save/temperature range:  - 10 to 60 ℃

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