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Table type UVLED tunnel furnace conveyor tunneling
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  • Product Name:Table type UVLED tunnel furnace conveyor tunneling
  • Product Model:FG1020
  • Product Category:Automation Department
  • LED UV Light Source, Cold Light Source, Low Temperature Curing

Conveyor belt UV curing machine, light source using LED-UV light source, cold light source, low temperature curing, prevent the thermal deformation of the products, improve the bonding accuracy.

  • High illumination intensity and shorten curing time

With high output power, high UV output can be achieved in a wide range of irradiation, and curing time can be shortened.

  • Adjustable lamp source height

The height of the lamp source can be adjusted according to the demand to meet different production needs and facilitate the use of operators.

  • Lighting source life 20,000 hours

The life of the light source is up to 20,000 hours, which greatly reduces the working hours and operating costs of the replacement operation.

  • The output optical power is stable and continuously adjustable.

Temperature feedback control is used to achieve stable irradiation of UV intensity and ensure stable quality.

Product Name: Desktop conveyor belt UVLED tunnel furnace
Product model:  FG1020
UV wavelength: 365 & 395 & 405 (nm)
Irradiation intensity (peak):  460 (mW/cm2)
Light source working life:  ≥20,000 hours
Effective illumination area:  length * width = 200 * 100 (mm)
Drive mode: automatic mode & manual mode
Power adjustment range: 1~100%
Conveyor belt adjustable speed:    0.5Min – 5M/min
Ambient temperature/temperature range:  0-35 degrees Celsius (no condensation below 85 degrees Celsius)
Preservation temperature/temperature range: - 10-60 C (no condensation below 85 C)

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