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A Line Source UV-LED Curing Apparatus
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  • Product Name:A Line Source UV-LED Curing Apparatus
  • Product Model:HFDX-T10-1300
  • Product Category:UV Division
      Bangwo Guangzhou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Bangwo Technology) is focused on industrial products (especially optoelectronic products) R & D, production, sales and service of integrated high-tech enterprises. In research and development, science and technology remain Bangwo the simultaneous development of science and technology with the world, focusing on the optimization and integration of technology, innovation and quality as the main line, always stand the forefront of industry technology, a number of products to open international product of its kind. Line source type UV-LED light curing device is our top science and technology through the integration of Japan, which lasted three years, developed a fourth-generation UV-LED light curing device, has been Europe and the United States, Japan and internationally renowned companies as well as domestic related industries widely used .


Product Features:UV LED线光源
1, a number of Sino-Japanese joint research and development leading technology;
2, using the worlds leading cooling technology, a unique matrix of UV-LED packaging technology, ensuring UV-LED light power is maximized;
3, the worlds unique patented optical technology to ensure optimum light power under the premise, to achieve uniform light almost perfect results, to meet customer demand for the highest requirements;
4, a variety of application modes, to meet the needs of a variety of areas;
5, with automatic power compensation system, further enhance the efficiency of production;
6, advanced solutions that enable irradiation head can automatically remember the total exposure time, feedback-related parameters, in order to solve customer production management issues;
7, with self-test function, if there is non-normal operation or irradiator open circuit, short-circuit and so on, the system will sound an alarm;

Line source type UV-LED light curing device irradiation Figure1Line source type UV-LED light curing device irradiation Figure2

The Effective Exposure Area

The Optical Power

Wave Length

Cooling Method

3~20 x 60

BDL Series

1000~1600 mw/cm2(365nm)

1500~2000 mw/cm2(385nm)

1800~2500 mw/cm2(395nm)

2300~3600 mw/cm2(405nm)





BDZ Series

2000~2800 mw/cm2(365nm)

2600~3600 mw/cm2(385nm)

4000~6000 mw/cm2(395nm)

6000~8000 mw/cm2(405nm)









Forced Cooling




Liquid Cooling

3~20 x 100

3~20 x 150

3~20 x 200

3~20 x 300

3~20 x 500

3~20 x 600

3~20 x 800

3~20 x 1200

3~20 x 1500

3~20 x 1800

3~20 x 2000

3~20 x 2500

              Note: there are more series, the specification has not been fully recorded, welcome inquiries: 020-39259619 (line 10)
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