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How to ensure proper curing of UV inks
Views:5727 Date:2013-03-05【Back】

      Ink film on the first cured by curing unit is very important. Proper curing energy maximum to avoid deformation of substrates and curing excessive moisture and cure again other problems, and to the ink and the ink or coating and the coating adhesion between the optimization.
    Screen printing must be determined prior to the start of production production parameters. In order to test the efficiency of UV curing inks, we can first substrates can allow to minimum speed boot print, and the first printed proofs for curing. Subsequently, the curing lamp power setting to the ink on the value specified by the manufacturer. In black and white for the color of the curing process is not easy, we can appropriately increase the curing lamp parameters.

    After cooling sheets, etc., we can use two-way video line method to determine the adhesion of the ink film. If the sample can successfully pass the test, it can increase the transmission rate of the paper 10 ft / min, and then the printing and testing until the ink film loses adhesion to substrates, and shall record the time of the conveyor speed and curing light parameters. Then, according to the characteristics of the ink or the ink supply system, the manufacturers recommendations, the belt speed is reduced 20-30%.


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