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Principles of radiation curing 3E
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      The establishment and development of high-tech, and now seem to have to be followed "3E principle" no exceptions exemption, so "3E principle" is a radiation curable survival and development foundation and driving force. The so-called "3E" refers to energy (Energy), Ecology (Ecology) and the economy (Economy).

  ① the total energy consumption of the energy radiation curable reactive chemical formula only to ensure the polymerization of the radiation induced crosslinking reaction, the substrate is not heated, so the energy consumption of conventional UV curable solvent-based coatings and inks solidified 1/5, less energy EB curing, curing only the conventional 1/100.

  ② ecological radiation curable reactive chemical formulations used without (or with little content) volatile solvents, are zero emissions (or low emission) technology, are environmentally friendly. In addition, radiation curing basic energy used for power, no fuel oil and natural gas, and no carbon dioxide production. Therefore, radiation curing often known as the "green technology."

  ③ economic radiation curing device is compact, processing speed, small floor space, high production efficiency. Therefore, the process itself helps to improve product performance, reduce raw material consumption, all from the economic cost of technology to improve their competitiveness.

  In addition, radiation curing compared to conventional curing technology there own characteristics, such as room temperature curing, is conducive to the processing of sensitive material; curing formulations adjusted according to demand, help to improve the adaptability of technology to ensure product performance (such as hardness, flexibility, gloss, weather resistance, etc.); radiation curing is easy to implement streamlined, high degree of automation.

  Radiation curing not only to meet the unique technological advantage "3E principle" requirement, but also in the process of industrialization continued to maintain the traditional curing market competitiveness, the radiation curable since the 1960s has shown a rapid growth momentum since: Currently emergency developed (such as the U.S., Japan and European countries) annual growth rate of about 10 percent, faster growth in developing countries, Chinas average annual growth rate of up to 25%.

  It is estimated that the current global UV / EB curable formulations of chemical raw materials and market share amounted to only industrial coatings (inks, coatings and adhesives) 3% of total sales, so the radiation curing development prospects.

  In the dominant radiation curing is UV (approximately 90%), electron beam curing accelerator devices as a one-time investment is higher, since the proportion is still small (about 10%).

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