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UV curing machine in medical supplies
Views:9635 Date:2013-03-07【Back】

     UV-curable adhesive disposable supplies become the driving force of growth in the amount of one, is the use of UV-LED curing machine driver of growth in volume.
Technology to the hypodermic needle and the syringe and intravenous tube bonding, and on catheters and medical use of the filter. Consumed annually in Europe in the field of UV adhesives is estimated at 20 tons, annual growth rate of 5.4%.
      Bangwo Guangzhou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as: Bangwo Technology) production, research and development of UV-LED curing machine in hearing aids, cardiac catheters, infusion tube, an endoscope assembly and other production has been used. With medical adhesive continuous improvement of environmental safety requirements, UV adhesives and UV-LED curing applications will continue to increase.

Medical main application are:
1 mask
2 syringes
3 catheter assembly (catheters, intravenous lines)
4 vascular implants Accessories
5 endoscope assembly
6 artery positioning
7. Insulin pen
8 tubular drainage
9 trachea pipeline
10 blood oxygenators
11 Hearing Aids
12. Detection, surveillance, and image equipment
13 Biochip
14. Bonding PVC, thermal plastic (polycarbonate polymerization ABS)

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