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UV-LED light-curing printing coating applications
Views:10608 Date:2013-03-05【Back】

        Light-curing technology has been able to rapidly develop due to its own characteristics, present, UVLED light-curing coating and its equipment has been widely used in chemical, machinery, electronics, light industry, communications, printing and other fields.
UVLED light-cured coatings include: bamboo flooring, decorative panels, furniture and other UV-curable coatings; automotive parts, equipment, CDs, credit cards and other UV-curable coatings for plastics; rust-proof steel, painted steel, Yintiezhiguan, cans, etc. UV-curable coatings for metal; decorative paper, labels, cards, writing surface coating, metal coating. Electronic industry UVLED light curing light curing coatings and shadowless glue. With increasing emphasis on environmental protection, UVLED light-cured coatings are replacing or partially replace traditional coatings.

(1) light-curing wood coatings. Generally include light curing putty, primer and paint, wood furniture with UV-curable coatings are usually matte, semi-gloss or high-gloss requirements; wooden floor addition to asking matte (or high-gloss), the ultraviolet curing and in accordance with its divided into common type of abrasion resistant and high wear resistance, high resistance to draw new. Selection of different light-curing resins and additives to meet different performance requirements.

(2) Plastic light-cured coatings. And engineering plastics, including ordinary light curable coating, the matrix material PVC, PET, ABS, PP, PC, PMMA, etc., UV-curable surface coating gives high hardness, high gloss (or matt, plain), high wear resistance difficult to scratch and other properties, while giving its beautiful decorative effect.

(3) a metal light-curing coatings. Corrosion protection for iron and steel products and automobiles, motorcycles parts, equipment, cans and other protective and decorative, which is the development of UV-curable coatings another direction, will partially replace conventional coatings to impart various metal products elegant, beautiful appearance.

(4) Paper light-cured coatings. This is a rapid development of the UV coating, and great amount of paper commonly known photocurable varnish, mainly for magazines, packaging materials, labels and other surface coating to improve their wear resistance, water resistance and make products attractive and durable.

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