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Bonwos 14-year ingenuity thanks Epson customers for visiting our company
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On September 5, 2019, professional and technical personnel of Epson from Japan came to our company for a field visit and inspection, and tested and checked the products before they were purchased. Thank you very much for coming to our company in the scorching sun. The company warmly welcomes the arrival of Epson customers.

"Epson is a leading global company specializing in printing, scanner, projector, visual communication, wearable equipment, robots and other fields." This customer has purchased UV LED curing device and related automatic curing equipment in Bonvo Technologies for many years. First of all, I would like to thank Epson customers and others. Big customers have always believed in Bonvo Technology! We wholeheartedly provide you with better products and services!

With thoughtful service and rigorous attitude, our company Liang has personally demonstrated to customers the technical strength of products and the enterprise culture of Bangwa Science and Technology and the supremacy of customers'interests. We hope to bring our advantages into full play in the future, work hand in hand, and achieve common development in win-win cooperation.

Customers, accompanied by Liang and our professional and technical personnel, visited the production workshop and sample exhibition area, and conducted technical exchanges. During the visit, Liang gave customers a comprehensive demonstration of the production process, quality testing, technical capabilities, and introduced in detail the production technology and inspection process of the company's equipment from development to testing, assembly, aging and so on. During this period, Liang and our staff patiently answered the questions raised by customers in detail. The whole process in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, mutual exchanges, deepen understanding and enhance mutual trust!

Finally, Epson professionals and technicians also tested and accepted the new products purchased in our company, and expressed their satisfaction with the curing speed and curing effect.

After the visit, the customers highly appraised our company. They said that through the visit, they saw our mature technology and strong strength, and were more confident about our products. They also agreed with our independent research and development ability, production capacity, product quality and technical level. Yes! At the same time, we look forward to further cooperation with our company in the future, and gradually invest in the curing equipment of all its enterprises in the world.

The visit has come to a successful conclusion. Thank you again for the arrival of Epson customers. On behalf of the company, I would like to welcome colleagues from all walks of life to visit our company.

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