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Lens detection technology
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    Lens eccentric instrument (given in the instrument or the center instrument) is a widely used optical components processing and optical assembly process measurement and calibration spherical lens optical axis and the cylindrical axis degrees different instruments. The sample lens may be single or glued. Interchangeable objective lens focal length changes color mode, the crosshair target with bright-field and dark-field dark line bright line two. The instrument is simple, easy to use, is essential for lens production line process of testing instruments

Lens Centering

    According to ISO10110 standard, and the lens reference axis when the light is inconsistent, each in a different direction and position, the center error occurs. The fixed, adjustment and bonding a lot of lenses, the center of a large deviation of the lens will lead to processing errors and increasing. Therefore, only when all the production steps from the center of the lens to a large tolerance measured as a complete assembly planning and conceptual design and measurement precision of the optical system to meet the measurement requirements.

Eccentric instrument (given in the instrument or central instrument) measuring principle

    Deviations routine procedure to determine the center of the light is transmitted and reflected light when the sample rotation. For measurements with optical devices Autocollimator focus and center of curvature of the surface (reflection mode) or the lens focal plane (transmission mode). Measurement for genetically transmitted collimator is additional need. Parallel beam emitted from the collimator is focused on the focal plane for measurement. The image from the lens reflection (reflection mode) and the projection lens to focus the image (projection mode) is the instrument through self-collimation eyepiece of the telescope and microscope. In the transmission mode can not be generated from the two center offset lens surface. In some cases, although the camera is inclined at time of placement, but the lens in the test can be displayed through transmission error-free center. Image is from the reflection of the lens surface of the lens is tilted, but describe the standard error and the respective centers.


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