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UV-LED Applications
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Typical applications in various industries:

Microelectronics industry-UV light curing applications

     FUWO UV-LED light curing device, using the latest technology in Japan, curing area near zero temperature and electromagnetic radiation (EMC), the lowest overall cost, compact design, the industrys smallest UV-LED light curing device, easy to use, economical and durable, multi-functional characteristics particularly suitable for some EMC and curing temperature sensitive components, such as heads, mobile phone components, semiconductor chips. Minimal energy consumption, general lamp, power in a few KW, equivalent request FUWO UV-LED light curing device only a few tens of watts, full play energy saving UV curing properties.

1. Phone component assembly (camera lens, earpiece, microphone, casing, LCD modules, touch screen coating, etc.)
2. Drive head assembly (gold wire fixed, bearings, coils, chip bonding, etc.)
3. DVD / digital camera (lens, lens bonding, circuit board reinforcement)
4. Motor and component assembly (wire coil fixed coil ends fixed, PTC / NTC element bonding, protecting the transformer core)
5. Semiconductor chips (moisture proof protective coating, wafer mask, wafer inspection pollution, UV exposure tape, wafer polishing checks)
6. Production of sensors (gas sensors, photoelectric sensors, fiber optic sensors, photoelectric encoder, etc.)


High-performance electronic components UV curing equipment-FUWO UV-LED light-curing device

With the development of technology, semiconductors, electronic components are becoming more integrated, used for chip / electronic component packaging process UV-LED light curing equipment requirements are also increasing.

UV light curing strength enough: high volume production, the production efficiency is also high, high intensity and fast UV curing conveyor belt, will greatly enhance the production capacity of a single device. FUWO UV-LED light curing device using UV-LED as a light source, a variety of products to meet the application process, the production capacity several times or even several times with room for improvement.

EMC electromagnetic radiation must be low: Chip / higher degree of integration of electronic components, the higher sensitivity for EMC, has been unable to withstand some of the microwave excitation of UV light emitted EMC interference, there is a production quality problems. FUWO UV-LED with LED cold light source, no infrared light, no heat radiation and EMC interference.

FUWO UV-LED light curing device body temperature is low: light intensity increase, the need to increase the lamp power. Most UV conveyor adopt such 3KW-10KW ranging from UV lamp to produce a relatively high intensity of UVA. However, for high-performance electronic components, the temperature requirements are very strict, 3KW-10KW power consumption, most of conversion to heat causes the temperature to enhance the case, generally 80-200 degrees, many plastic packaging has not withstand. FUWO UV-LED spot light line source surface light source and power supply design, dozens of W, can produce 9600mw/cm2 of UVA light intensity (in parabolic reflector hood), in conjunction with the Sino-Japanese joint research and development technology has a unique automatic cooling system, control cabinets temperature, generally the ambient temperature can be controlled at 5 degrees or less.

Ozone and safety protection: UV curing machine conveyor major safety hazard for the ozone generation and UV protection, a number of large power UV conveyor may want to consider the safety of the power box. UV light, especially when the short-wavelength ultraviolet light, such as 250nm, will stimulate oxygen to produce ozone, the greater the power of the lamp, resulting in higher ozone general. Usually equipped with an exhaust port, the connection factory exhaust system. FUWO UV-LED light curing device using LED cold light source produces no ozone, green, very safe for the operator.

Small size, the notebook size, had no effect on other devices: high-performance components in general smaller, but the production workshop environment requirements are very high, such as temperature, humidity and cleanliness. Light source and power supply are all integrated together in part, conveyor belts do not require additional equipment, the entire device digital, concise. Small size, low power requirements, basic does not have an impact on other devices. The UV conveyor usually need much power distribution cabinet, fan and conveyor systems, the need for factory hardware environment to make a large adjustment in order to use, while the noise and cleanliness also have a greater impact.

FUWO UV-LED light curing device system, it is efficient features, has been in INTEL (Centrino processor package), Honeywell and other famous companies to be successful with.

Mini speaker / receiver from the solvent to UV adhesive glue cost-effective solution for upgrading

The traditional micro-speaker / receiver manufacturer in the adhesive and the coil diaphragm and the lead fixed in a large amount of a solvent adhesive. In some applications, the heat generated by high-frequency vibration, the operation solvent glue operating temperature range, diaphragm and coil bonding loose, resulting in noise, seriously affecting the quality of the performance of miniature acoustic components. Currently in high-end miniature acoustic components commonly used UV adhesive bonding, as PHILIPS, Pioneer, while the international medium-sized enterprises looking to upgrade many of the current production process to the UV adhesive on.

Compared with the traditional glue, UV glue and ultraviolet light source / conveyor equipment prices hinder UV bonding process in international development. For glue, because dispensing very small, most of the manufacturers also accepted. UV curing equipment matching belt allows a one-time purchase cost deterred many small and medium enterprises.

How to cost-effectively upgrade to LED UV bonding process it?

FUWO UV-LED light curing device ultraviolet light source is introduced to the market of low-cost, compact, high-tech light source module. Suitable for building customers own conveyor systems. Use FUWO UV-LED surface light source transform customers current pipeline, which can get imported high light curing properties, but also has a lower procurement costs.

Curing performance: the use of sophisticated UV-LED spot light line light surface light source and Japan, a special optical design, capable of emitting ultraviolet UVA intensity of 9600mW/cm2 effective curing area 30-600mm * 2000mm. Usually diaphragm UV adhesive or glue bonding wire is to be completed 1000J/cm2-1500J/cm2 cured curing time of about 0.1 to 5 seconds.
Low Temperature Performance: Since energy consumption is only 5-40W, and have patented built-in cooling system with excellent low temperature properties and does not cause other components diaphragm or overheating.
Use performance: FUWO UV-LED light curing device built using humanized design, just a regular power cord, you can start UV curing.
Mechanical interface: easy installation, both directly in the design of a mechanical conveyor shelf support source.

Typical application conditions:
With two sets of SUNRAY 400 SM
Light from the conveyor location: 5cm
Conveyor speed settings: 1.2m/min
UV energy can be obtained about 2000J/cm2 (UVA :320-390nm)

FUWO UV-LED light curing device successfully applied to LCD / LCOS / DLP optical engine field
Liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) micro-display technology provides high-quality, high-resolution images, and its large-screen high-definition TV, to show users an exciting prospect. These displays using two dominant technology - silicon-based technology and liquid crystal display (LCD, LED) technology, and these three technologies and advanced optical components, system design and manufacturing together.
LCOS optical engine production process requires a lot of UV gluing process, the various optical components assembled. On the curing light source, there are strict requirements. Such as volume, heat, desktop, cryogenic upgrade. After a rigorous screening, FUWO UV-LED light curing device for quality integrated performance finalists domestic LCOS., DLP leader in optical components.

FUWO UV-LED light curing device effective point source line source surface light main features are as follows:

1. 20 - 60W power consumption, UV light intensity up 9600mw/cm2
2 Effective curing area 30-600 * 2000mm, the light intensity distribution
3 using UV-LED cold light source, with high-tech internal cooling system, the internal temperature at 5 degrees
4 with full built-in settings, weighs only 1kg-2.5kg. Very easy to operate.
5. Market-proven high reliability and stability characteristics.

High reliable LED UV light source and UV stable glue recipe is LCD LCOS or DLP powerful guarantee for the stability of the assembly process


UV sealant suitable sensor compact UV light

UV sealant (UV SEALAND) in the sensor industry (such as gas sensors, photoelectric sensors, photoelectric encoder, optical fiber sensors, etc.) have a very wide range of applications. LOCTITE, DELO, DYMAX, HERNON, FOTOPOLYMER others have similar glue supply. But how to choose a suitable UV LED light source it?

Sensor features production needs:

1. Small components and small batch production: In most cases a small selection curing equipment to meet production needs, while there are many types of products to meet the flexible configuration.
2. Low temperature curing: In most cases, the sensor, or liquid containing a variety of plastic parts, the curing process temperature will seriously affect the life of the device.
3. Curing Repeatability: Sensors are industrial products, and there are strict application of environmental requirements, product quality requirements than the average consumer electronics is much higher. For light-curing process, it is required to ensure development in the attempt to determine the curing conditions can be controlled in the production process, while minimizing operator dependency.
4 Interference Low: sensors and other production equipment for zero interference.

FUWO UV-LED light curing device surface light source point source line:

1. Effective curing area :30-600 × 2000mm, one can cure multiple sensors.
2. Strength of 9600mw/cm2, generally UV sealant needs 2000-3000mJ/cm2, in seconds or so to complete cure.
3. Low curing temperature: Built-in high-tech insulation filters, in conjunction with the shutter auto standby function, in general, such as 9600mJ/cm2, the internal temperature can be controlled at 5 degrees or less.
4. Curing good repeatability: light intensity and stability, changes within a day is almost zero. Touch screen software interface, computer controlled, easy to use, you can ensure the accuracy and repeatability of curing conditions.
5. Interference Low: relative induction lamp produces microwave interference, FUWO UV-LED light curing device uses high-tech LED, with cutting-edge chip and program modules, EMC interference zero. Not affect other equipment and products have an impact.

Another good UV shielding function and no infrared light is produced to ensure operator safety.

As the above characteristics, FUWO UV-LED light curing device in the sensor industry was very good application.

Small liquid crystal display (LCD or LED) UV curing solutions

Mobile phones, MP3/MP4, mobile DVD, mobile TV and other popular consumer electronics, where a small LCD screen (6 inches less) demand continues to increase, the appropriate choice of UV light curing equipment for LCD sticky border Next, many technicians consider.

And a large LCD panel production was significantly different, a large LCD screen usually requires wide light curing equipment, often using high-power, a dozen or dozens KW KW of large curing machine, would be more efficient, but the small LCD this screen also need UV curing equipment it? obviously not.

Here we discuss the development stage of the LCD device and the mass production of the device solution.

Research and development stage, is used to determine the associated glue, glue, UV curing time and intensity (or UV energy) and other parameters, one experimental UV-LED curing equipment, you can save your lab space and offers flexible settings approach will greatly save your lab time, while maximizing protection of the safety of personnel. FUWO UV-LED light curing device is a sophisticated digital UV light source can be miniaturized composition, powerful UV-LED curing light, easy to do a variety of experimental conditions tested.
1) integrated smart chips and modules: software interface via touch set the exposure time, light intensity and light pattern
2) Automatic program switch and internal cooling chips: Let curing component temperatures low
3) Standard configuration lock function: to provide a 360-degree UV protection, safer
4) Small size / weight / stability and durability: you can put a small test table

Production stage, we mainly consider the production efficiency and maintenance cost. FUWO UV-LED light curing device line source surface light source: low power consumption, high luminous efficiency, low temperature, micro-structure and other characteristics, the effective radiation area of 30 - 600 * 2000mm, ideal for curing some small LCD panel. tie 1-4 sets of UV light source, you can set 9600mw/cm2 UV energy to meet the high-volume production and low demand on the production environment, there is no interference to other test equipment .

Main features:

1) zero noise, depending on load, the speed regulator to keep the drive belt speed uniform
2) low energy consumption, low curing temperature: Power consumption does not exceed the 20-60W, built-in automatic thermal chips are generally cured at temperatures below 5 degrees.
3) currently on the market the most miniature design, workshop environment (power / cooling) no special requirements
4) mature IT industrial design, stable performance, can achieve zero fault
5) long service life, a light head can usually use 30000-40000 hours.
Completely different from the competitors, FUWO unique industrial design, can effectively reduce the size and power consumption, while reducing the temperature of the curing component to improve the efficiency and quality of curing, protecting your investment.


Rhythm of production up to 0.2-3 seconds dispensing / curing solution using FUWO UV-LED light source do small conveyor curing device applications
Cell phone camera (camera module) UV light curing
Cell phone camera (camera module) by a CMOS component / plastic parts / lenses and other components form, UV glue in the production process is widely used in light-curing equipment selection, depending on the application, or will choose UV curing machine UV curing equipment belt .

UV curing machine application: Cell phone camera size is generally smaller, more sensitive to temperature, FUWO UV-LED light curing unit light source / line source / surface light source based on the size of the camera, you can select the corresponding point source / line source / surface light source can be cured once 50-300 pieces , the usual UV glue curing is completed in 5-20 seconds, curing temperature is below 5 degrees. need for external cooling system, compact and delicate, very suitable combinations produce. and can be configured with a variety of different irradiation head, to meet different application Here is a typical scenario: 

#1 Visible VISBLE (420NM) Enhanced IR lamp solve filters
A company needs to produce IR camera head filters, filters through which the IR wavelength range is 390-600nm, blocking most of the UVA (320-390nm), switch to UV / visible light curing adhesive after curing problems encountered. most of the UV curing equipment peak in 365nm, visible light intensity needed to reach, usually need to extend the curing time, where ultraviolet light is converted into heat, making the cell phone camera overheating and affect product performance. has some spectral mismatch even need light 1 hour cure time.
For this application, I recommend using FUWO UV-LED 420nm visible light curing device with enhanced LED, mainly concentrated in the spectrum of 395-445nm, can be completed in 5-20 seconds uv light curing. Power consumption less than 60W, temperature no more than 5 degrees, the perfect solution to the actual problem.

#2 Curing from traditional large-scale improvements for multiple micro-curing machine:
Webcam mass production process, many factories in the present method, a plurality of manual or automatic dispensing stations share a large UV curing equipment, usually 8-10KW. Noisy, dusty and electric power consumption, looks very efficient curing methods, the actual curing component is very small because the utilization rate is very low for many products currently cleanliness is very high, very high temperature requirements, environmental requirements, this mode of production appears to be some inappropriate. coupled with a large number of invalid turnaround process is yet another way to waste.

Current improved way, the use of efficient micro Curing (FUWO UV-LED light-curing unit light source, a line light source, a surface light source), directly on the side of the dispensing station, stations can share a 4-8 .

Miniature conveyor curing equipment Applications: For some organizing production pipelined manner, you can use low temperature, small, environmentally friendly, low-power FUWO UV-LED surface light source curing conveyor device, generally 1000mw-9600mW/cm2, conveyor speed can reach 1200mm / min. on cell phone camera, the curing efficiency is very high, while power consumption is less than 30-60W, curing temperature does not exceed 5 degrees.


ßSuitable for flexible circuit board UV Curing Equipment

Mobile phones, digital cameras, laptop computers, digital pens and other consumer electronics products, or the optical module, the print head, hard drives and other industrial products are getting smaller, flexible circuit boards for the growing demand. How to ensure the quality of the welding point stable? How confidential proprietary circuits or chips? How to increase the environmental corrosion, vibration resistance? Junctions using a UV glue for reinforcement, or to sensitive circuits or chip sealing, environmentally friendly coating and other applications is very wide.

 Because the characteristics of the flexible circuit board itself, requiring curing lightàTemperature characteristics, EMC interference, not FPC itself or its components for damage above this point FUWO UV-LED light curing device efficient light sources to meet customer requirements. According to yield, select UV curing machine is suitable for small batch or mass production needs.


FUWO UV-LED light curing unit light source good low temperature properties:

FUWO UV-LED light curing device line source UVA part of the spectrum rich, high luminous efficiency. A light source on the market more generally, a significant reduction in energy consumption, reduce the heat output. Using high-tech built-in cooling system, no additional cooling air system connection factory. The controller has built-in system software, instant-use, automatic control, further reducing energy consumption.
High-efficiency light source part of the cooling chip, reduce the temperature rise of the curing component, the general application, the temperature can be controlled at 5 degrees below

FUWO UV-LED light curing unit light zero EMC interference:
As opposed to some microwave excitation light source, FUWO UV-LED light curing device adopts chip controlled LED cold light source, the light source is zero EMC interference does not affect the number of heads, CCD, bare chip or other sensitive components.

High luminous efficiency
FUWO UV-LED light curing device using the latest Japanese technology of high-tech LED illumination can be obtained 9600mw/cm2 adjustment range, to meet 100% of the glue application needs, typically 2000-3000mJ/cm2 (UVA).

PCB industry UV-LED curing applications

      FUWO efficient UV-LED light curing unit light source / line source / surface light source, using patented Japanese LED chip technology, most effectively reduce the temperature and electromagnetic radiation curing area (EMC), long life, the lowest overall cost, compact design easy to use, economical and durable, versatile features, the recent PCB increasingly stringent customer requirements, including moisture resistance, shock resistance, anti-oxidation, waterproof, environmental protection and other demanding requirements, making the following applications more widely. FUWO UV-LED light curing device efficient and environmentally friendly light source in a simple, efficient, economical, environmentally friendly and reliable features, fully meet customer requirements.

1. Components (capacitors, inductors, various plug, screws, chips, etc.) fixed
2. Damp potting and core circuit, chip protection, anti-oxidation coating protection
3. PCB conformal (angle) coating
4. Ground, fly line, coil fixed
5. Wave soldering through-hole mask

Medical Devices LED UV curing applications

FUWO UV-LED light curing device, using patented Japanese LED chip technology, most effectively reduce the temperature and electromagnetic radiation curing area (EMC), green energy, the lowest overall cost, compact design, easy to use, economical and durable, versatile, software interface features, recently due to increasingly stringent customer demands PCB, including moisture resistance, shock resistance, anti-oxidation, waterproof, environmental protection and other demanding requirements, making these more widely. FUWO UV-LED light curing device efficient light source in a simple, efficient, economical, reliable and environmentally friendly features to fully meet customer requirements.

UV glue bonding the economic automated assembly of medical devices easier. Now, the advanced UV-LED light source system, to a few seconds, an ultraviolet curing glue without solvent, and the dispensing system, the medical device to form a consistent and repeatable assembly process of bonding an effective and economical way. UV light source and control the optimization of the manufacturing of reliable medical devices is very important. Using UV curing glue provides many advantages, such as lower energy needs, saving curing time and location, to enhance productivity and easier to automate. UV glue is generally used bonding and sealing of medical devices, these medical devices require very high quality and the best reliability. UV glue curing Typical applications in the medical device assembly, such as the need bonding:

1) different materials (or the mechanical properties are not the same)

2) material is not thick enough, the welding method can not be used

3) pre-production sub-components.

1. Anesthesia mask
2. Syringe
3. Guide liquid tube
4. Intravenous infusion tube
5. Vascular implants Accessories
6. Endoscopy
7. Artery positioning
8. Tubular drainage
9. Trachea pipe
10. Blood oxygenators
11. Hearing Aids
12. Detection, surveillance, and image equipment
13. Biochip
14. Bonding PVC, thermal plastic (polycarbonate and ABS)
Polymeric medical devices (catheters, needles) of the UV-LED Curing Light

Polymeric medical devices such as intravenous catheter, intravenous catheter, interventional auxiliary devices, nasal bleeding plug, a large number of medical polymer materials used, bonding of different materials to deal with problems, such as PC-silicone, PC-steel, etc., at high performance polymer medical devices, a lot of the use of UV light curing glue, such as LOCTITE, 3M and others have medical certification level of the glue.

Molecular features require low temperature, low intensity, in line with the requirements of clean room ultraviolet light source, limiting the many traditional high-power UV curing equipment, applications, and low power consumption, environmentally friendly FUWO UV-LED light curing device can be very efficient UV light source better meet low-power, high-efficiency, environmental protection, the need for compact in here to talk about FUWO UV-LED light curing device for small surface light source in the application of polymer medical devices.

Case#1:Curing intravenous catheter

A large medical device company plans to mass production of various intravenous catheter, the catheter need bonding PC and stainless steel needles, as well as PC and PC catheter catheter. Hoping to find a curing light, curing Rally> 5kg, while not affect the performance of polymer materials. after trying a number of sources, the selected FUWO UV-LED light curing device surface light source - UV light source, with customized conveyor

FUWO UV-LED light-curing apparatus main parameters of the surface light source
Illumination of the LED head :30-200W
UVA intensity :2000-9600mw / cm2
Effective area :30-600 * 2000mm
Power supply :100-240V
Cooling: Built-in high-tech chip cooling system

Practical application parameters:
Glue: loctite 3311
Conveyor speed: 0.8m/min
UV energy:> 1000mJ/cm2
UV peak intensity:> 120mw/cm2

Case#2:Conveyor bulk catheters

A large specialty medical catheter manufacturer, currently using several sets of high-power UV light curing equipment, a medical adhesive curing catheter, feedback exist: power, high temperature, glue yellow, bulky to be integrated in the process, as well as other issues affecting cleanliness.

Analysis: The actual requirements of the customer with UV glue energy is not high, about 1600-3000mJ/cm2, and the product size is relatively small. Polymer materials at high temperatures lead to higher failure rate easily deformed

Solution: use FUWO UV-LED light curing device, the total power consumption of about 120W at 1600-3000mJ/cm2, the temperature can be controlled at 5 degrees or less.

Specific application parameters are as follows:
Conveyor: 100m Width * 1500mm length, enhanced TEFLON crawler
Speed​​: 1.5m/min (0.15-3.6m/min adjustable)
Energy: 1600-3000mJ/cm2
Strength: 160-600mw/cm2
Conveyor installation is very convenient, the power and the factory environment is not required, total weight less than 5.5kg.
Main attraction:
Reduce power consumption: 80w from 4KW reduced to about
Reduce the temperature: less than 5 degrees
No effect on the cleanliness
Workshop space saving
Assembly line can be achieved online


Optical communications industry, LED UV curing applications

FUWO UV-LED light curing device uses patented LED chip technology, the most effectively reduce the temperature and electromagnetic radiation curing area (EMC), the lowest overall cost, green energy, compact design, easy to use, economical and durable, computer information technology, multi-and other characteristics, optical devices particularly sensitive to temperature, FUWO UV-LED light curing device unique LED light source chip design, "cold" light output, effective control of solidification point temperature. For large area curing, FUWO UV-LED light-curing device surface light source built-in chip and integrated modules, and with a unique combination of fully automatic mode to automatically open and close at very low power, greatly reducing the temperature rise in the curing area.

1. Passive Device (WDM WDM, the array waveguide grating AWG, optical splitter SPLITTER, optical isolator ISOLATOR, coupler COUPLOR etc.), various structural bonding or potting glass packaging, small parts fixed and so on.
2. Active devices (coaxial devices TOSA / ROSA / BOSA, VCSEL, laser collimator, etc.) especially FTTX low cost, small plastic package structure
3. Fiber optic cable (outer coating, marking, adhesive, fiber optic gyroscope)

Optical industry-FUWO UV-LED curing light curing device applications

FUWO UV-LED light curing unit light source / line source / surface light source, using patented LED chip technology, the most effectively reduce the temperature and electromagnetic radiation curing area (EMC), the lowest overall cost, compact design, energy-saving, easy to use, economic and durable, computer information, and multi-functional characteristics, compared to other curing systems transformer drive magnet, with a higher conversion efficiency more, the absolute low power, the emission intensity even more. Unique multi-control mode, when not in use, the power can be reduced to zero, without the need to shut down. That is used is bright, greatly reducing the temperature to enhance the curing area, and suitable for the temperature sensitive optical components. While greatly extending the service life of LED can reach 20000-40000 hours long lifespan, saving business equipment investment costs.

1. Mounting an optical element (lens group, prisms, optical engine assembly)
2. Image instrument assembly (microscopes, endoscopes, infrared instrument, night vision, sensor, etc.)

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